Florida, August 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a genuine company’s responsibility to protect its interest, its employees and its products. However, we also feel – as corporate citizens in a straight and responsible company – that we are also obligated to inform the public about truthful and reportable occurrences. Regretfully, during ongoing investigations and legal proceedings, going to the media and making statements can be counterproductive and could harm unblamable and casual bystanders.

This is in particularly true, when masses of people, who only hear one side of a more likely fictitious story, organize themselves and begin to threaten corporate entities and lives of innocent people. Since these sad things had happened, it was deemed more appropriate to protect human lives rather than going to the media and clarifying unjustified rumors and claims in order to save and protect a company’s brand name and its interests.

RESQ power drink company very much regrets Ms. Sarah Fisher’s misfortune in May of 2008, however we assure everyone that RESQ’s owners or employees have never met or even talked with representatives of “Sarah Fisher Racing” (SFR) and have also never entered into any contracts with SFR, neither verbally nor in writing.                   
Contact between both parties, SFR and RESQ, was only established
long after June 2008 during follow-up investigations, when relevant explanatory information about the April/May events were exchanged.


In April of 2008, RESQ's at that time brokerage respresentative was negotiating about entering into a brand licensing agreement with “Gravity Motorsports”, a subsidiary enterprise of "Gravity Entertainment Inc."  All contractual negotiations between "Gravity Entertainment" and RESQ were conducted by a third-party legal entity (namely: TGFJ LLC, a New Jersey company) on behalf of RESQ and without the effective involvement of RESQ's management. However, a contract never went into effect or materialized for below mentioned reasons. At no time during the negotiation process with representatives of “Gravity Motorsports” (solely through our brokerage company: TGFJ LLC), did these talks ever include that RESQ would be responsible for any funding processes or fees for a motorsports race team.
Much to our surprise did we have to learn through the media that our logo and our copyrighted blue wave designs had already been put on race cars as well as on SFR’s official racing apparel without ever having a signed contract with us. We also had to find out that RESQ racing die-cast-models have been produced and have been offered for sale without our permission!

The licensing agreement between RESQ and "Gravity Motorsports" was neither completed nor signed, since RESQ's management was skeptical about the authenticity of documents provided by "Gravity Entertainment Inc." and their affiliated company "Sails Capital Management Sàrl" (a Luxembourg registered entity).
Hence, both companies, "Gravity Entertainment Inc." (et al.) and "Sails Capital Management Sàrl" failed RESQ's due diligence investigations and negotiations with these companies were ended. All above mentioned companies, including the brokerage company TGFJ, LLC were served with cease and desist orders.
With the unfortunate exception of rather bad unjustified publicity and threats against people, RESQ has not gained anything and also did not earn any money whatsoever.  Again, i
f there was a contract between entities in place, it could have only been an agreement between “Sarah Fisher Racing” and “Gravity Motorsports” definitely not with RESQ.

Gravity Entertainment Inc., Gravity Motorsports LLC, Gravity Marketing LLC or other business entities operating under the “Gravity” brand and its representatives as well as TGFJ LLC do neither own RESQ nor have any rights to the trademark RESQ and do not have any authorization to represent us and/or our products. We do not have any third-party-representations or third-party-brokerage for our products. If you have doubts about somebody claiming to represent RESQ, please contact our legal department by email:
.legal..RESQ.info and provide us with helpful information. We are seeking information about unauthorized reproductions of our products’ designs and brand name: in particular racing products and merchandise containing our logo image without permission.

RESQ was founded by members of public safety services, is an all natural company which represents a strong community spirit and refuses to participate in any disparaging behavior. Once again, we assure everyone that RESQ lives up to a high moral standard and as a company, we will continue to provide great products which are good for the community.


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